Monday, July 2

clicks of note: love who you are.


  • I love the Olympics in general - more about that later this month as we get closer to the games - so I got really psyched when I saw this Gym Class Heroes video for "The Fighter."  The gymnast featured in the video, John Orozco, is from the Bronx and did indeed qualify for the Olympic team this weekend in Omaha!

  • Last but definitely the most important "click" for me today: we are so lucky to have electricity right now and we have had several family members staying with us.  Many Virginians do not have power following two terrible wind storms called "derechos" and will not until the end of the week because the power companies are having to spread themselves so thin.  There have been seven deaths confirmed and our governor has declared a state of emergency.  Please keep families without power- particularly the elderly, young children, pets who may have been left behind when families went to cooling centers, first responders, and electrical workers in your thoughts, as well as those who will not be able to work this week because their businesses are without power.

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