Tuesday, March 20

clicks of note.


  • I love this White House Black Market commercial with model Coco Rocha tap dancing... because tap (and any percussive dance, really) makes me happy.
  • Vera Bradley summer colors are arriving in stores, and you can dress your computer up with a new desktop wallpaper from the VB blog, Inside Stitch.  My favorite new pattern is Lime's Up, shown above.




  1. My kids would flip over that cake (I'd probably be really happy with it too!) and what a cute manicure! I'm in need of just ANY manicure right now...;)

    1. I ran out of time last week, so my students just got regular yellow cupcakes, not tie-dye- and one of my girls even made a snarky comment about how messy the frosting was (she wasn't really being mean; we are at that point in the school year where we can joke with each other). I still want to try the tie-dye!

      I would love to have a *real* manicure but DIY is going to have to do until I have some free time to use the gift certificate my husband got me for Christmas - can't believe it's been on the fridge for over three months now, just waiting.

  2. Those rainbow cakes look like they'd be so much fun to make!