Monday, March 12

clicks of note.


  • Blake Shelton performs his The Voice co-star Cee-Lo Green's song "Forget You" on his Well Lit and Amplified Tour, after telling the story of how he was the first Voice judge to arrive at the business meeting and was basically floored to find out who the other hosts were.  Thank goodness for people who bring their phones to concerts and sit closer than the nosebleed section, and thank goodness for arenas that allow it!
  • Heather Anderson of Post Road Vintage writes in "My Snowed In, A-HA Moment:"If I am enjoying the MOMENT, if I am loving the RIDE. If I am truly HAPPY then I CAN take anything in the world on. I can handle being BUSY BUSY. I can handle insanely hard work. I can handle juggling mom and wife and friend and creative biz. I can even handle messing up and then re-adjusting and just y’know, NOT GIVING UP!"  The whole post is worth a read for anyone who is dealing with finding the balance between "real life" and chasing your dreams.

  • Indego Africa is a nonprofit that partners on a fair-trade basis with Rwandan women and invests 100% of the profits back into the communities.  These bracelets are $10 are Madewell and each one is unique.

  • Guinness Stout Brownies from Blondie's Cakes & Things... these look AMAZING and perfect for St. Patrick's Day this Saturday.  I've visited the Guinness Museum in Dublin and it was quite an experience; I loved all the vintage advertisements touting the health benefits of stout.

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