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8 Women's Halloween Costumes That Don't Suck (With Upgrades)

women's halloween costumes usually suck...

Most geek girls reach the realization at some point between eighth grade and freshman year of college that Halloween costume options for women, in general, suck. As Mean Girls so cleverly pointed out, we're expected to put on a black leotard and a set of ears and be a "Sexy Cat," "Sexy Rabbit," or, of course, a Sexy Mouse. Don't even get me started on the Sexy Bumblebees. Every year, io9 rounds up the weirdest "Sexy" store-bought costumes of the year, and this year's round-up was juat as depressing as ever. For those of you still looking for an appropriately geeky, cute, and non-naked Halloween costume, I've got a few suggestions.

fairytale costumes

Whether you're in the mood to play the role of a fairytale princess or a villain, it's hard to find a truly beautiful costume in the sea of tiny tutus that usually represent women's fairy tale costumes. Of all places, Wal-Mart has one of the cutest fairytale costumes with this movie-inspired tea length Cinderella dress. At Spirit Halloween, which always pops up in a strip mall around here, there's a cool Queen of Hearts dress - it's the ruff that I'm really loving.

Perfect upgrades: Since butterflies were a huge motif in the live action Cinderella, a crown like this one from Delfina Crowns shown on @twintresses would be the perfect touch. For the Queen of Hearts, I'm obsessed with this DIY card ruff from The Joy of Fashion.

retro costumes

It seems like I consider a flapper costume every year - I love Chicago and The Great Gatsby, and while there are definitely some cheapo sequin monstrosities out there, there are always at least a few dresses that look like something a lady could actually do the Charleston in. I like this tiered lace and fringe flapper dress from Party City. Last year, I was Agent Peggy Carter for Halloween, and absolutely fell in love with 1940's makeup and hairstyles - this sailor dress from Buy Costumes looks like it could be a great modest option for vintage style lovers with a cami underneath that plunging neckline.

Upgrades: Learn to dance like Daisy Buchanan...

... or style your hair in victory rolls (this is my personal favorite tutorial!).

slightly spooky costumes

This spiderweb poncho from Spirit Halloween is adorable and would also be a really easy costume paired with a tank top and leggings - or, paired with a leotard and tights, you could totally go all-out Edwardian burlesque performer (it's a thing!). I also like this "Victorian Steampunk Lady" costume because it's really versatile - add some purple streaks to your hair and a pocket watch and it would be a great Miss Peregrine outfit, or throw on a cool witch hat and a faux-emerald choker for Zelena from Once Upon a Time.


pop culture costumes.

As a huge Orange is the New Black fan, I think Alex Vause is a genius costume idea - the black glasses completely get the point across and the jumpsuit from Spirit Halloween would be a really comfy option! I also love this badass Wonder Woman costume from Buy Costumes- have you seen the trailer for the movie yet? It looks like it's going to be awesome.


To go all out as Alex, Etsy is packed with sellers offering beautiful temporary tattoos, like these roses from TattooNBeyond. Wonder Woman's shield is only $10 at Target - (trick or) treat yo self!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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