Saturday, November 30

my november, according to instagram

I hope that you all survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday and are waking up with smiles on your faces this morning, friends.  Here's what I've been up to lately...

Halloween messages from my students and a cute gift from my 
best friend at work - there's still so much excitement for Halloween
in middle school land and I cherish my students' last year of trick-or-treat.

Gratuitous food pics - Halloween chili and corn bread and a low
country boil with crab legs at Brandon's house.

I couldn't resist picking up the mini set of Mariah Carey OPI nail
polishes at Ulta.  My favorite so far is "Warm Me Up," shown right.

Geekery - dressing up like Harry Potter for Character Day at school
and going to see Thor 2: the Dark World with the family.

I went to see Catching Fire on opening night with some coworkers
and students and loved it.  Mr. Q's birthday presents included
this book by Nick Offerman (a.k.a. Ron Swanson)... and bacon jerky.

Thanksgiving: getting started on gravy for our slow cooker turkey
breast, and a peek at my table setting (more pictures to come!)

Favorite Christmas CD's (Hanson and NSYNC, of course!) and a
new ornament from Breeze (I love teacher ornaments!).
Decorating our tree has become a Black Friday tradition for
us instead of shopping - we only made online purchases :)

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