Saturday, May 19

pink and green cheer me up; it's my inner prep.

One of the things about being married that I'm still getting used to is Mr. Q sometimes knowing better than me what is good for me.  Yesterday was a prime example.  On the majority of Friday afternoons I am exhausted after going at 100% all week.  Last week was busy and stressful - afterschool tutoring, talent show auditions, a parent calling the principal when I wasn't available to take his phone call, trying to find a tactful way to explain to said parent that his child had lied to him, finding out that one of the seventh grade teachers used our textbook last year and having to change my lesson plan at the last minute, and finding out that one of my best friends is having a really tough personal situation... my plan for the evening was going to bed.  After which I would have probably woken up still grumpy.

Mr. Q changed my plan for the evening to dinner with the guys followed by this amazingness...

Sweet Frog cheesecake, peanut butter and strawberry frozen yogurt with cherries and waffle cone!

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