Friday, January 27

Pantone Winter 2012 - Coffee & Nougat for your walls

When I see these colors, my initial thought of "yummy" immediately goes to "warm and cozy."  These neutrals are easy to live with and make great wall colors because they evoke memories of hot chocolate and warm blankets!

I wouldn't have thought of a brown paint for a nursery, but doesn't it look feminine and sophisticated?  TALENT.

This is one of those colors that I don't think I'd ever get tired of because it would be so versatile.

Remember when I said these colors aren't flashy?
Well, I fibbed a little... look at this stunner of a chevron accent wall created by Stephanie at Sabbe Interior Design with contact paper!  I realize that chevron patterns are trendy, but what an impact this wall would have in a small space - a bathroom, an office, an entryway or even a closet!

Pottery Barn... I think this is either Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige or Wheatfield - a reader who has Shaker Beige in her home says it's most likely Wheatfield.

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What did we learn today?
1.  Neurals make amazing wall colors, and I can't wait until I own a home so I can paint.
2.  Chevron can still look new when done in a neutral palette.  Let me believe this.
3.  I am a little bit obsessed with Benjamin Moore paints.

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