Thursday, July 2

style: my fourth stitch fix - I kept it all! [june 2015]

After my last Stitch Fix came so close to being perfectly on point with my personal style, I was really excited to receive my June shipment. I requested Heather as my stylist once again since I am basically falling in love with her, and changed my note to be more general - a list of inspirations and the guiding phrase "Preppy Bohemian" rather than a wish list of specific items. I still directed my stylist Heather to my Stitch Fix Pinterest Board, which contained a lot of geometric and tribal patterns, cargo vests, stripes, coral, and teal.

The item I was most excited to see in my pretty stack of clothes was the Sanctuary Eamon Utility Vest which was priced at $138.00. I have had various olive cargo vests pinned to my Stitch Fix board for months! Like any good StitchFix user, I do a Google search for my items as soon as I get them out of the box to see how other ladies have styled them. While searching for this vest, I found it under a different name (Sanctuary Courier Vest) available for $97.99 at I e-mailed StitchFix customer service and Bronwen very quickly had the buying team ensure that the items were, in fact, identical, then added a 40.01 credit to my account! This vest is a large and it does zip over my chest, but not super comfortably - who zips up a cargo vest, though? I should have done a Jurassic World pose for this picture.

Next up is the Papermoon Zemba Henley Blouse ($44.00). I was excited to see several Papermoon items in this Fix because my "Fleetwood Mac dress" was from that line, and got even more psyched when I saw that all of the Papermoon items in this Fix were in petite sizes! The tribal-meets-chevron pattern of this top is so unique, as is the color scheme of black, white, navy, teal, orange, and khaki - probably not something I'd gravitate toward if I saw it online or in a catalogue. The cut of the top is flowy and the fabric is sheer and really comfy for humid Virginia summer weather. This was my outfit for the Paul McCartney concert my mom and I attended in Charlottesville, so I guess Papermoon is my new go-to band for rock concert outfits. I love the pretty gold buttons on the henley placket, too, and that it's more modest than the last tank top I received from Stitch Fix. I look forward to wearing it to work with cardigans and pencil skirts when school starts again! 

Geometric tribal-inspired prints are a big trend this summer, and teal is one of my all time favorite colors, so I instantly fell in love with the Papermoon Rylie Embroidery Detail Tank ($38.00). I love that both the tanks in this Fix were petites so they are a good length to wear with shorts and the arm holes aren't huge on me (short lady problems). I think this will be my go-to top for dinners with the girls this summer, and it will also dress up well for work.

The one item I'm not completely thrilled with from this Fix is the Zad Dorothy Layered Hammered Cuff ($34.00). Maybe it's because I am a petite person, but I felt like this was waaaayyy too much bracelet on my arm- I would have liked it if it was about 1/3 this size! Mr. Q said it looked like cheap costume jewelry. I did end up keeping it so I could get my 25% Buy 5 Discount on this Fix, but I will probably give it to one of my glitzier friends.

Finally, the surprise favorite item! When I took the Papermoon Cooper Dress ($74.00) out of the box, I was torn between loving it (coral!) and feeling like it was way too fancy for my closet (lace!). I was sold, though, when Mr. Q told me it looked slimming around my hips and encouraged me to keep it because he could see how much I liked it. I ended up wearing it to Mandi's wedding - it matched the color scheme of the wedding without matching the bridesmaids and I got several complements!

I usually just curl my hair for weddings and other special events, but it was so hot and humid on Mandi's wedding day that my hair was frizzing up, the curls weren't holding and I knew I would be miserable with my hair down. Pinterest to the rescue! I pulled off this really easy fancy side ponytail with lots of volumizing hairspray, a teasing comb, an elastic and a few bobby pins. I liked the way it turned out so I had Mr. Q take a few photos.

Here's how Stitch Fix works, in case you're wondering: when you sign up, you pay a $20 styling fee. That fee can be applied toward any items you decide to keep from your shipment. Everything you don't keep goes back to Stitch Fix in a prepaid Priority Mail envelope. You know what I loved most about this Fix? Not having to go to the post office!

Want to try Stitch Fix? If you follow this referral link to sign up, I'll receive credit toward my account when you receive your first shipment!


  1. You got such cute things in your Stitch Fix. I have yet to have one where I kept everything - but I keep trying! I'm envious of your cute ponytail - you did a great job. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Lana. This was definitely my most successful StitchFix so far - I think that leaving very detailed feedback and streamlining my Pinterest board to a really specific style has helped a lot.

  2. I love the stripped blouse! It just feels so perfect for you. Plus it looks really comfy too! It's posts like this that have me really, really wanting to try stitchfix myself.

    1. This was definitely my best Fix yet, and I'm taking a break for a while and trying to wear everything in my closet before buying new clothes for fall. What I love most about StitchFix is that there's almost always at least one "keeper" in the box so I don't lose my $20 investment, and when I think about the $20 as paying the stylist the clothes aren't much more expensive than I'd pay at the mall.

  3. saxon motorcycle mantaken from 1980's "Wheels Of Steel" from the nwobhm band.