Tuesday, July 5

Style - June Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box Review

Last month was my first time trying the Yogi Surprise jewelry subsciption box, and you can consider me in love! Each month's box has a different theme, and the June box was inspired by the summer solstice celebration on June 20th. The note for this month encourages members to "let these pieces be a reminder to share your own light with a glowing smile and positive energy" as we embrace the arrival of summer.

Here's how Yogi Surprise works: there are two boxes to choose from, a Lifestyle box and a Jewelry box. The Lifestyle box is $44.95 each month (with a $70 average retail value) and includes 6-8 full-sized items such as organic skincare items, natural sunscreen, yoga gloves, herbal teas, and healthy snacks. All products are GMO free and vegetarian. The jewelry box, which is $24.99 each month, includes two handcrafted pieces, most often a bracelet and a necklace, and a seasonal chocolate treat. Yogi Surprise jewelry is nickel, lead, and cadmium tree, fair trade, and made with sustainably harvested materials. Subscribers are automatically charged on the 15th of each month and boxes ship out on the first week of the month. Yogi Surprise also hosts a monthly giveaway - each month, one member can win $1000 cash to go on the yoga retreat of his/her choice by posting a photo with their box on social media. This summer, Yogi Surprise is also hosting the Yoga Summer Sweepstakes, with the grand prize of a 5 night "Revive an Renew" package at The Retreat Costa Rica ($2500 value). The package includes daily yoga classes and wellness workshops, customized fresh cuisine, and luxurious accommodations in a healing environment - click here to enter!

Once again, the June jewelry box featured cute packaging and spot-on branding. I like that Yogi Surprise includes the information card explaining the significance and symbolism behind each item. This month's box included a desert-inspired necklace, stone bracelet, and chocolate energy snack. The jewelry was packed in sheer pouches that I'll be able to reuse for travel or gift-giving.

My Chakra Love necklace was made of agate and represents the sacral chakra. In this Yogi Surprise jewelry box, members could receive a variety of stones from Chakra Love's Desert Collection, representing the seven different chakras (energy points on the body that many yoga practitioners focus on). The sacral chakra (svadhishthana) is associated with emotions, relationships, sensuality, pleasure, and movement. In addition to being linked with fertility and known as the "seat of life" (as a woman with PCOS, I like the reminder of a little positive energy in that department), Svadhishthana is also considered to be connected to creativity, joy, and enthusiasm - I like having a piece of jewelry that represents those aspects of my personality, and the vermillion color of the agate stone is really unique in my jewelry box.

The second piece in the June Yogi Surprise jewelry box is a yellow and white jade bracelet featuring a silver Om charm. Yellow is obviously one of the main colors associated with the sun and solstice, and yellow jade represents purity, bravery, and honesty. According to the card that came with my box, in China, yellow jade is a symbol of "wealth, good fortune, friendship, and loyalty." 

I really like the bracelet styled with my Jawbone UP2 band, copper bead bracelet, and friendship bracelet from India. The golden color of the jade is very neutral and adds a nice bohemian touch to a summer arm party!

This week's chocolate treat was a Rawxies Mint Chocolate Chip heart - yum!

I was very satisfied with my June Yogi Surprise Box. I love being able to add yoga inspired jewelry to my everyday essentials, and Yogi Surprise is a great deal (the total value of this box was $53). The card included in the box also features a six-pose yoga sequence and invitation for friends to join (if 3 friends join, your next box is free) - if any of you are interested, click here!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by Yogi Surprise or asked to write a review - I just thought this was a cool subscription box worth sharing with my readers! I paid for my own subscription and this is my honest review. This post contains a referral link.


  1. Ohh, what a neat box and I have never heard of this one either. It is probably a little too pricey for me, but I am in love with that bracelet and anything mint chocolate has my name on it!


  2. What a fun box!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!