Thursday, August 23

summer/fall color: deep blues for home decor

Even though Mr. Q and I both love the color blue, we've used it sparingly in our home decor.  These images from some of my favorite home decor blogs and sites around the web really make me want to add a few touches of cobalt to our home decor this fall!

I love the collected style of this room from the home of Dusty Deco's owners, featured on Riazzoli.  The midcentury cradle-style rocking chair, string lights, geometric rug, and blue ikat pillows keep things modern, the spotlight style lamp and coffee table with casters add some industrial style, and the brown leather chesterfield sofa and collected antiques make things eclectic.

Another room that can be described as eclectic - and another leather sofa - but this one skews more cottage and vintage.  The gray walls (and matching shelf backs) are a great background to the room's blue accents, and I'm loving anything with a Union Jack on it right now.  

This is an absolutely fabulous paint color that I would never think of putting in a kitchen, with a painting that I would never think to hang in a kitchen.  That's why other people get paid to do this stuff and I just put the photos on my blog.

A rich shade of blue paired with framed maps makes this library feel really masculine, but I'd love to curl up in one of those chairs with a classic novel!

Great cottage style - love the antique bed paired with a duvet that looks almost Indian inspired.

More ikat.  Ikat and blue seem like a natural pairing to me, blue and camel are beautiful together, and here they are in harmony.  This is a very boldly decorated room, but I think the pared-down color palette keeps it appropriately restful for a bedroom. 


  1. These are all so gorgeous! I'm not usually into blue, but that kitchen with the unexpected painting makes me want to change my mind!!

    1. Unexpected is such a great word for hanging a painting in a kitchen! That was one of my favorite images in the post because it's so bold but not *too* crazy.